Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Prepared... or not?

Welcome to the May 2013 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Emergency Preparedness

This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Hobo Mama and Code Name: Mama. This month our participants have shared their plans to keep their families safe. Please read to the end to find a list of links to the other carnival participants.


We live in Oklahoma; Tornado Alley. We've had floods (including flash floods), tornadoes, earthquakes and snow / ice storms. We get some advanced warning (or "watch") for some of these. We know when a storm is coming that is likely to bring on tornadoes. We know when a nasty snow storm is coming. And people GO. NUTS. If you go to the store, you will find them sold out of water, bread, canned goods... you get the idea. "Its the apocalypse!"

Us... not so much. We are very fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants kind of people. We even hesitate to commit to social gatherings. And so cometh the weather.

The red truck is us. You see the car next to us? Completely covered in snow drift!

See the car in front of the truck (above)?

It was propped up like this for several days, blocking us from leaving.

We walked to the nearest convenience store, the only thing close-by at all. We were terribly lucky that they were even open! Maybe I'm just lucky? I never buy canned goods or water in advance to prepare for anything! I suppose I set a really bad example here, but we just don't plan ahead like that.

I do want to buy a storm radio, since we don't have television service. Do you prepare for bad weather?


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  1. Whew - after reading about some of the other Carnatpar author's posts, I thought I might be the only one who wasn't fully prepared ;) In the past I made a 24 hr box for tornado purposes, but it still has diapers in it from Kieran was a baby, so that tells you how out of date it is. It would give me peace of mind to at least keep important papers safe, so I will concentrate on that!
    ~Dionna @ CodeNameMama.com

  2. I have to admit, I tend not to prepare much for bad weather, either. When the Snowpocalypse hit here several years ago before we had a diaper stash or washer of our own, we were wondering if we could make the icy trek down the street to the convenience store, and if it would even be open, and IF it would even have diapers! Lo and behold, right on schedule, our diaper service delivery came before we had to decide. (Those drivers are marvels!) So, yes, we've been lucky, too. It's taught me nothing, hey? ;) I think I would like to be more prepared, but I don't like feeling silly at overpreparing. Is that stupid?

    1. Not silly at all. You want to be prepared, but not be one of those crazies that Destany mentions below. :)

  3. I admit that I do prepare when I have the option. You are SO right about everyone freaking out. I feel like it's all relative. We have 4 wheel drive to get around in the snow and ice; a basement to prepare a nest in the springtime for tornadoes; we live on a hill and our basement is equipped with 2 sump pumps.
    But if you ever watch that show Doomsday... something. It's on cable. Anyway, there are people who go to tremendous lengths to stockpile bunkers and prepare for the end of the world. We don't have flashlights but we have candles. We don't keep flares in our car but (most of the time) we have a spare tire and a jack. I consider us practically prepared, but not fully prepared lol.

  4. We try to stay stocked up on stuff so we DON'T have to do pre-snowpocalypse crazy shopping or go out in a storm, but we aren't always successful. I keep intending to make a good bad-weather kit but haven't gotten far yet. I did save my unsolicited baby formula samples and bottle (came in the mail from Similac) and they are in the basement so if I am killed or maimed beyond ability to nurse my husband can feed the baby lol. But I don't know where any flashlights are...

  5. Mama!

    I have been buying water and an extra canned good every time I go to the store. Like you, I don't want to be in the store with those crazies buying up all the water at once. Please. I don't want to stand in lines. I don't have the patience or time.

    Since Katrina when nobody really took things seriously, I just try to stay on top of things. I don't like being an alarmist, but just so, if we are out of electricity, we have something small to fall back on.

  6. We are more fly by the seat of our pants people also. I don't think we've ever gone to the store to prepare for a storm. We used to live in West Texas so we would get some pretty crazy weather but we've never really felt threatened enough to need to go stock up on essentials.

  7. Yikes! I do not really have any sort of emergency kit. I am going to start looking on Amazon for one!


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