Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mamatography 2013 - Week 31

Day 209 - July 28

I brought the patio end table in for Sasha and we had a kitchen picnic.
This floor is SO much easier to clean than the carpet in the other eating areas!

Day 210 - July 29

Spencer figured out a new trick!

Day 211 - July 30

We've been working very hard at reducing Sasha's screen time.
This day, the first thing she asked for was play dough - not a show!

Day 212 - July 31

Our lovely Doula Jenni - we don't see her nearly often enough!

Day 213 - August 1

I was just trying to capture how "into" Baby Signing Time Spencer was,
I did not realize how perfect the timing of the shot was!

Day 214 - August 2

The World Breastfeeding Week theme this year as been
Breastfeeding Support. I've already begun supporting my children.

Day 215 - August 3

Most of my plants are total lost causes, but recently this Roma Tomato plant
has just gone nuts! Lookit! FLOWERS! You know what that means...

mtbadge2This post is part of the Mamatography 2013 Project with Diary of a First Child and Momma Jorje.

We are taking (at least) a photo a day to keep a record of our year. Join us at any point during the year and start sharing your own daily photos!

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