Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 10

Day 54 - Sunday - March 2

Spencer tagged along to my Gluten Free Sushi lunch with my Birthday-Twin.
She was so amazing, printing info about how to buy GF sushi and then educating a restaurant! C-Dub is an amazing friend!

Day 55 - Monday - March 3

Awoke Monday morning to find our pipes frozen.
Then Spencer burned himself on our Floor Furnace.
It wasn't bad at first, but hurt more and more until he was inconsolable.
We wound up having to call for an ambulance.
Second Degree burns to the bottom of his right foot.

Day 56 - Tuesday - March 4

Poor photo of the foot, but great shot of Spencer!
We had a follow up the next day with the Burn Clinic.
No further need for salve or even wrapping!

Day 57 - Wednesday - March 5

They do have their moments together...
(you know, those rare ones, where he isn't pulling her hair & she isn't pushing him down)

Day 58 - Thursday - March 6

Here is a slightly better photo of the burn - 3 days later.
Once they applied Silvadene cream and gave him Ibuprofen, he has been fine ever since!

Day 59 - Friday - March 7

So yeah, I spent several days kind of preoccupied with the healing. In this shot, you can see the light burn marks on the tips of his toes, too. Still, I'm thankful that this was his first visit to the Emergency Room!

Day 60 - Saturday - March 8

Got the mirror hung in the play area!
Trying to keep 2 pair of socks on him, they're harder to take off this way.


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