Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 11

Day 54 - Sunday - March 9

Does it get any cuter?
Spencer loves to wear other people's shoes.

Day 55 - Monday - March 10

Well that was an adventure!
We love this new dentist, for the entire family.
But he isn't equipped to handle Spencer's special needs.

Day 56 - Tuesday - March 11

Coolest. Wig. Evar!
Ronni borrowed it from a friend (and left it in the freezer for safety).

Day 57 - Wednesday - March 12

This silly boy...

Day 58 - Thursday - March 13


Day 59 - Friday - March 14

Yay for sibling gardeners!

Day 60 - Saturday - March 15

This. This was a stroke of genius.
I replaced glass with chalkboard in our new (to us) school cabinet.


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