Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 9

Day 54 - Sunday - February 23

We got a new kitten! Sasha is thrilled!

Day 55 - Monday - February 24

Spencer's first time in a bounce house - at OT!

Day 56 - Tuesday - February 25

Daddy's exciting PT:
Move 1 pound up. Move 2 pounds up. Move 3 pounds up.
Move 1 pound down. Move 2 pounds down. Move 3 pounds down. Repeat.

Day 57 - Wednesday - February 26

It was most important to Sasha that the cat sleep with her. She doesn't sleep here, but Sasha's bed is her favorite place to sleep.

Day 58 - Thursday - February 27

This is the only photo I took this day.
On my Birthday. My crappy, crappy birthday.

Day 59 - Friday - February 28

I was so thrilled to see the kids play this timeless classic... with zero prompting.

Day 60 - Saturday - March 1

We recently moved into a house and are excited to have some tarantulas back with us.
Tiny (a Brazilian Whiteknee) was in dire need of a larger cage, so we got him transferred into a new one.


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