Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mamatography 2014 - Week 12

Day 54 - Sunday - March 16

Last night before getting "fixed..."
so she won't "lay babies."

Day 55 - Monday - March 17

Trial night at gymnastics... and they get her to do this!
Yeah, we'll be back! Spencer started, too.

Day 56 - Tuesday - March 18

Spencer, my baby that always nurses or rides in the carrier to go to sleep?
Yeah, he started doing this!
He nurses, maybe plays some finger songs with me or watches some Sesame Street music videos... then just crawls up on the couch and passes out!

Day 57 - Wednesday - March 19

Ronni had his first guest in our new place.
The kids sat around with technology in hand for quite some time.

Day 58 - Thursday - March 20

Ronni and I finally had our much-anticipated sushi date!

Day 59 - Friday - March 21

Crazy socks for World Down Syndrome Day!
Can't believe I didn't get a post written here, but my reduced online time & deadly cold...
I did, however, have a piece published at Natural Parents Network!

Day 60 - Saturday - March 22

My guys shared an impromptu nap on Saturday... so sweet.


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