Friday, June 17, 2011

Fidgety Nursers

When Sasha was still an infant and even a bit older, I recall being thankful that she had no specifically annoying fidgety habits while nursing. I was also disappointed for a bit that she didn't do that adorable thing Tyler did where she would just hold the edge of my bra. It was somehow very sweet. I was glad she wasn't much of a nipple-tweaker or anything. She did go through a phase where she wanted to bury her hand in my armpit! I'm ticklish and couldn't stand it!

Anyway, fast forward to my nursing toddler. It is a whole different world. I, of course, get the nursing acrobatics sometimes. The main thing that is driving me crazy, though...

Sasha has always played with and pulled her hair when she is sleepy and breastfeeding. Recently, she has started playing with mine. In fact, if it isn't down where she can reach it, she fusses until it is. She will gladly pull a fist full of hair down for herself! So, if I actually have my hair up in a pony, this makes a mess of my hair. If I just wear a clip, not a big deal. Except when I forget to fix it and wander around with half my hair hanging down in the back.

SashaSee her arm reaching up?

My hair has quickly become her security blanket. She has never latched onto a single object for comfort with any regularity. If we're out and she feels uneasy about something (say, a giant bookworm walking around the library, giving kids high fives), she latches onto my hair. I am okay with this. Actually, I'm tickled that *I* am her security. I think this is a healthy arrangement!

Now for the "kicker..." When drifting off to sleep, holding and twirling my hair isn't enough for this little bundle, oh no! She must run her toes through my hair! This seems counter-productive to sleeping, but she manages it. Her foot occasionally deciding to lodge in my throat, however, is counter-productive to my sanity and comfort!

What crazy and/or annoying things have your children done while nursing or for additional comfort?
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