Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Exploring Food ~ Chicken Packets

butter the foil"Grease" center of foil with margarine

marinade chickenmarinade chicken ~ pierced

layer thinly sliced potatoeslayer thinly sliced potatoes
sprinkle with season salt

add carrotsadd carrots

and garlicand garlic

add peppersadd peppers

and zucchiniand zucchini!

Sasha testing ZucchiniSasha tested ALL the veggies along the way!

time for the chickentime for the chicken
there is the marinade we love!

garlic powdersprinkle with garlic powder
I've found this makes my chicken extra tender!

make a tentmake tents with the packets & crease

finished packetsfinished packets are sealed on ends, too
leave room for heat to circulate within packets

bake @ 450°Bake at wait, what?
That was supposed to be 450°.

bake for 20 minutesBake for 20 minutes.

done chickencut into chicken
ensure juices run clear

serveserve beautiful yummy dinner!

save leftoverssave 1 packet with juices for late night snack

Wordful Notes: This dish inspired by Campfire Potato & Cheese Bake and Reynold's Foil Packet Recipes. This was an exploration of food for me, too.

What I would do differently:
  • slice carrots or leave them out - they didn't get tender enough
  • MORE veggies! definitely more peppers. and potatoes. and... yeah, more.
  • bake at correct temp
  • add extra marinade to packets
  • I think the dish would have been improved by being served over rice. I believe there is a way to do rice in the packets... I will be looking into it.
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