Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Surf: Focus

I got some bad news about my own health this week and it has made for a rough week. I'm also having a very hard time focusing on much since I got pregnant. Its amazing I've managed to keep up with my posting schedule. On that note, here are my links for you this week.

  • I hadn't noticed just how old this article was, but MSNBC reported on a hospital that had lawyers rush to court to get legal guardianship of her a woman's unborn child if she returned to their hospital - all because she refused a Cesarian. What are mothers' rights during childbirth?

  • Have you encountered the Facial Recognition on Facebook yet? I was recently uploaded photos to my husband's account and Facebook guessed that a photo of our daughter was some other person on his list of friends. It was encouraging me to tag her. Odd, to say the least. Check out PCWorld's article: Facebook Facial Recognition: New Technology, Familiar Problem

  • I read a great older post at Authentic Parenting on why you should Avoid Giving Birth On Your Back And Follow Your Body's Urges To Push. I enjoyed the article and the link, despite the fact that I couldn't be convinced to change positions during my last labor. I very much needed to do just that and once I finally did everything progressed.

  • If you are interested in gender neutrality, then you'll likely enjoy the most recent comic on Poly in Pictures. It's titled Bits.

If you know of an article I simply must read (especially about focus while pregnant), please be sure to share it with me!

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