Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Surf: Fathers Day

Started the day with a call from the nursing home... they were having Mom taken to a hospital. Sorry, Daddy, no Bacon & Eggs for breakfast. Spoke with my dad and he really ticked me off assuming and arguing about what was wrong with my mom. It was *not* her heart. It was none of his business that she had lower GI bleeding. I did wind up having a lovely visit in the evening with my dad and his wife, though. Sasha even convinced him to follow her into the kitchen, get chicken out of the fridge, and feed it to her sitting on the kitchen counter. It was so adorable. Oh, and she told them both "I love you." Priceless!

How 'bout some links?

  • I haven't really researched vaccine choices since my 12yo was born. I've heard about reactions, especially autistic ones. I read this amazing and terrifying story on The Guggie Daily this week I'd like to share with you: Where Vaccine Doubt Persists.

  • You like to buy local? What about when you go fast food? Do you go to big chain restaurants? Do you ever think about where your money goes? This week a friend shared this link about breaking the chains. It is published in a local magazine here in Oklahoma (not even in my town), but applies everywhere! Support your local community! Buy local!

  • Also from The Guggie Daily, I really appreciated Confessions of a Circumcised Man as well. It is an amazing and touching article written by a victim of this genital mutilation. The lead-in is amazing as well. As I prepare myself for a possible argument for our child, I am gathering links like this one to share with my husband who is currently pro-circ.

  • A friend suggested Jicama to me as a low-carb wonderfully versatile veggie. I have never had it... honestly wasn't sure what it looked like. Once she described it, I did pick one up at the local Super Store. I have yet to try it, though. You can eat it raw or cooked and there are lots of recipes. In fact, just looking on flickr for photos I saw lots more options! Have you tried jicama? In what dish? Here is one good page about it, including some sample recipes.

  • During one of many late-night Natural Parents Network volunteer team chats, my friend Amanda shared a link to The Whole Network. This looks to be an amazing anti-circumcision resource! Again, a good link to keep for that possible impending argument. Should we be having a boy, I intend to win!

    pStyle Color Selection pStyle Color Selection
  • Speaking of winning, this is the last week to enter to win a pStyle on my blog! Read the review and enter the giveaway here. This is a low entry giveaway so far, so your chances of winning one of two pStyles are great!

  • CNN Opinion published what turned out to be a fairly controversial piece on how fathers should wake the hell up! I was amazed at some of the negative comments men were leaving! I signed up for the site just so I could post supporting the article. I will say, however, that I am a very lucky woman. I may write an entire post about the 10 commandments of righteous fatherhood later, but suffice to say... my husband is wonderful and I appreciate him every day. If you missed it, check out the article.

I hope you enjoyed this week's list. I did! Oh, and I did also manage to salvage some Fathers Day for hubby by taking him out to a nice lunch and to purchase a gift.

Have a great week! And remember to appreciate good dads every day!

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