Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Minimalist: How low can you go?

We recently purchased our travel trailer, one step closer to living on the road. We had been staying with friends, so we were anxious to move into our own space. We had been minimizing, even while staying there. Four of us (including Spencer) were living in a 10 x 10 room. Other than using the kitchen there, we did everything in that room.

We did have a decent size closet. We shared the hanging space and still had plenty clothing items, despite downsizing a few times. (Sometimes it is a process.) Our new closet is about 1 foot wide. We brought all of our hanger clothes over to the new space and went through them on the tailgate. We gave some items to a friend and donated the rest to the local Free Store.

I also got rid of the rest of my small appliances. The only items I kept were my immersion blender and my toaster. We even took our microwave to the Free Store after finding out that someone took the community microwave from there. I wish we'd taken them our coffee maker, too. Alas, we donated the other appliances to Goodwill. I also accidentally donated some coffee mugs that held some sentimental value. I don't have a single cup for drinking hot tea. I'm working on that.

Back to the closet, though... our jeans are folded / rolled at the bottom of a lower cabinet. Elmo has 1 week worth of work shirts folded at the bottom of the closet seen above. Otherwise, those are all of our shirts (and my dress and skirts). That isn't for a particular season, that is everything (other than what we were wearing at the time). You can see the divide, half of it is his and half mine. There are a couple of items for the babies in the middle.

We have done some amazingly hard core minimizing! If we get an apartment in a few months, it will surely feel quite empty! How many clothing items do you think you need? I've seen other minimizing challenges for closets.

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  1. My kids always seem to have a lot, although its pretty much hand me down kids. The bigger kids have a couple of pairs of jeans and a week's worth of shirts. I have 5 pairs of workout pants and a handful of (mostly REALLY old) tank tops, sports bras, a couple of fitted tees and one pair of jeans. I have some sentimental clothes that I'm saving for Paris since she likes the odd fashions.

    I remember living in the bus with our kids, it was tight, but we learned to use every single inch of space really well!


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