Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Minimalist: In the Kitchen

I did some pretty major downsizing (I thought) in my kitchen last August, as you may recall from that MM post (Monday Minimalist: Small Appliances). I traded one appliance for a toy, but wound up giving several others away because no one wanted to buy them.

Fast forward to March and moving into a travel trailer. If I thought moving into a small, shared space was motivation, it had nothing on moving into a travel trailer!

We gave our microwave to the Free Store because someone had taken the community microwave there. We donated lots of other appliances to Goodwill (and later wished we'd sent them to the Free Store instead, especially since someone took the community coffee maker, too). We were able to donate our microwave because there is one built into the travel trailer.

The only small appliances I actually kept were:
  • The toaster: I love that it has plastic sides! I can put it away immediately after using it because the sides don't get hot.
  • The mixer: because I don't know if you can use the immersion blender instead of a mixer for everything.
  • My new immersion blender! This thing is nice, small and versatile, plus it is a lot easier to clean than a blender, especially when you consider that I'm hand washing the dishes now!

    That is IT. I do not own any other small appliances for the kitchen at all. What small appliances could you not live without in your kitchen?

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    1. Oh Boy, I'm really thinking about this one right now as we prepare to move and are packing up. I thnk I'll finally get my first MM post up next week as it's vital that I change the way we're living so we don't take the clutter with us. I don't want it anymore. You are such a great inspiration!!
      In the kitchen I really love my little electric mixer. So far, I can do everything without getting out the big Kitchenaid thing. We got that for our wedding and I guess I'll keep it. I'm using a blender more for fresh smoothies.
      I'd say the toaster, but we're going off gluten so I don't know. ALthough gluten free bread may really need toasting! okay, keeping a toaster. Love those cool sides too!

    2. My mixer broke a while back and I've been using only my immersion blender since then, or mixing by hand. I haven't had anything come up yet that I needed the regular blender for so I haven't bothered to replace it, and you know me, I cook a lot.


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