Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Minimalist: Breastfeeding Accessories

There was a dishwasher at our last residence. I started out pumping into and then even freezing 4oz bottles. They take up too much space! Besides, eventually you run out of bottles. I did finally get some bags for milk storage, but I still kept all my bottles. They were actually from when Sasha was an infant.

Then we moved into a Travel Trailer. I don't use 20+ bottles anymore. I donated all but about 9 bottles and gave a trial run to surviving with just 6. I soon decided I would survive just fine with 6 and donated the rest. I only kept enough screw tops and nipples for what I kept, too. I only kept 3 lids. I also donated a set of pumping breastshields that I didn't need. I have kept a spare set, though. I also kept all of my extra valves and membranes. They don't take up much space, could get lost or damaged, and this way I won't have to worry about replacing them.

Breastfeeding AccessoriesThis is my entire pumping / feeding kit.
It fits neatly into a cabinet.

What is more amazing is that I donated the pretty bottles. The plastic seemed thicker and so they took longer to warm milk, or at least that was my theory. I was surprised to find that hand-washing my cheap bottles made them more transparent! They'd become cloudy from only going through the dishwasher.

I've come close to having all 6 bottles dirty at once, but it is rare. My kitchen is very small. I do dishes 3-4 times per day to keep it clear.

How much stuff do you have for pumping and feeding your baby?
How much space does it take?

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  1. I think my collection of pumping supplies is of a similar size. Then again, I pump only occasionally, for when Alrik needs a bottle if I'm out, and I've donated a small stash from what we didn't use.

    I freeze my milk in ice cube trays, then pop the cubes into storage bags. That way, Sam can defrost one or two cubes at a time when I'm out, and reseal the bag, without wasting a whole bag of milk. I realize this doesn't work for people whose kids are relying on large quantities of pumped milk, but it works well for us!

    You're actually inspiring me that I should get rid of some of the bottles I have…

  2. When we lived on the bus, I know that one of the things I LOVED (and still miss at times) was the constant paring down of 'stuff'. It was awesome:) When I pumped, I only ever stored in bags. I never did use bottles of any kind because the two kids I pumped with refused to ever use the bottles. I ended up using it in baby food prep and I donated milk.

    1. I did not know that you donated milk! That is awesome! I really thought I would be able to this time around, but then had supply issues of my own. I'm so thankful for donor milk!


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