Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mamatography - Week 34

Day 232


We all went to the zoo with some friends to see the new jaguar babies! Here is momma giving baby a bath.

My friend Lisa may prefer the teen years, but she was awesome with Sasha. Here they are, hopping like the kangaroos we had just seen.

Lisa has a "Do it all" kind of Zoo Membership, so we all got to ride the train and we got to go on the carousel, too!

Day 233


Spencer failed one part of his hearing test (no movement in the drums, though it could be due to his tiny ear canals or drainage). He still got to go into the booth this time. It was pretty cool. This actually the view from just inside the booth. It felt like we were walking into a game show booth!

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Day 234


Waiting to see the doctor for a follow-up...

Day 235


Sasha loves to paint! (Don't most kids?) I do not like paint messes. I get all psycho about them so I don't usually let her paint unless it is with her big brother. Then I had an epiphany... water color! I spotted this book set in a cheap bin and grabbed it. It was great, other than her wanting help peeling a sticker every 20 seconds.

Day 236


Is Spencer basking in actual daylight?! The weather was finally cool enough this Thursday morning to have the door open. (All of our windows are covered with foil.)

Day 237


This is Sasha's idea of a tea party. I'm glad we got rid of the obnoxious tea set (the pot sang). She is using her imagination more with these stacking cups.

Day 238


In the very early hours... Is it any wonder he often sits up in his sleep?

Ronni finally got to get his colored contacts.


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