Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mamatography - Week 36

Day 246


The weather got hot again and our A/C couldn't keep up. I wish I'd thought of playing in the cold water for Spencer earlier in the Summer!

Day 247

I took Spencer to the Improving Birth Rally.

We saw my Bradley Method birth instructor, Kathy
(and some random baby she also helped)

My loveable doula, Jenni!

My placenta lady, Danielle of Right of Passage

and met our chiropractor, Dr. Jannell (on the right) and assistant, Wendy, from Sowing Wellness

Day 248


Spencer likes watermelon! Thanks Lori!

Day 249


Spencer had his first appointment with Dr. Jannell (pictured above).
This scan is... not good. The good news: there is a lot she can do to help him!

Bonus adorable photo of Spencer!

Day 250


Daddy got Sasha this ginormous sucker at Chuck E. Cheese

Day 251


Sasha loves to sit in Ronni's lap and have him play particular games.

Day 252

Busy Saturday:

Brya's first birthday party! Sasha jumped in a bounce castle for the first time, too.

Then we went to my nephew & his wife's baby shower.
This is Spencer playing with my sister's best friend, Kami.


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