Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mamatography - Week 35

Day 239


Sasha's first trip in her new booster car seat.

Spencer's first time to sit in a restaurant high chair. We dug out the old cover from when Sasha was a baby. I just love this (crappy) touching photo of my 2 guys!

Day 240


Shame on the AAP!
My naked, WHOLE son & I, protesting the AAP's Circumcision stance.

Day 241


Spencer officially likes grapes.
Those lil buggers are hard to hold!

Day 242


Sasha can eat whole apples now! No more cutting & peeling! She likes Golden Delicious.

Day 243


Day 244


Spencer & Brya at our Lil Giggles Play Group

Day 245


We met Erin's parents at our birthing class when we were expecting Sasha. We attended her 3rd birthday party. We've had so many birthday parties lately and Sasha is counting down the days to her own. She's been so good about it, I know its hard.

Spencer's first time in our high chair at home.
He had a blast with the avocado!


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  1. I can't believe Sasha is already in a booster seat! Our little ones are growing up too fast.

    I LOVE that pic of Spencer and Elmo!

    1. I know, right?! We actually rushed it just a little. She was 3 weeks early by age, but her weight fit the old and the new seat. She and Spencer were both nearing the weight limit on their seats and I was getting paranoid. So now he is in her old seat, pink as it is. :-) The crazy thing is, turned around her old seat is more reclined than the old bucket o' baby one. Poor thing wants to sit UP.

      I am *such* a sucker for all pics of daddies with their babies! I have another from that sitting coming to my fan page tomorrow!

  2. Sasha looks so grown up in that first picture!


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