Friday, September 28, 2012

Naughty Knotty Mommy

Perhaps I should preface by sharing with you that I've been having some health problems of late. I have been waiting over a month to get in to see the doctor. Meanwhile, I'm dealing with a lot of random fatigue. After eating and while driving, just random. It is really hard to stay awake sometimes. I'm fighting sleep right now, actually.

2 month old dreads... of shame

I have not waxed my hair in weeks. I do a quick palm-roll after showers, but otherwise... I have neglected my poor babies. I occasionally grab a dread or three and palm-roll them. So my dreadlocks are lookin' rough. I haven't worked the roots, I've only worked on some of the tips. I've got flyaways all over the place! My husband even tried to tell me that my hair was coming undreaded. (I did not take this very well!)

Fresh after a shower & palm roll

Despite all the neglect, I recently noticed some of my dreads are starting to lock! The first few inches, close to the scalp, are tight on some of them. This kind of gave me renewed commitment to my babies!

Do you see the tight / smaller part at the top?!

I'm never sure if I got all of them or not, but I devised a plan! I put my hair up in 2 scrunchy style holders. I waxed and palm-rolled each and every section, as I took it out of the holder. I tried to mostly work from back to front. Even my husband noticed the difference by the time I was a quarter way done! My entire head took me about an hour. My arms were so noodly when I stopped!

Waxed & palm rolled every single dread

I've been wearing my hair up all the time, but I feel I can maybe go with just a bandanna now. If I leave it too free, Spencer won't stop grabbing it. I still love my dreads. They're going on 3 months old now!

I can just imagine how tight my dreads would be if I'd stuck to the Knotty Boy program like a proper knotty girl.
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