Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Surf: Broad Spectrum

This week I only have 4 categories of links, but I have 10 or more links within the categories. I hope it isn't overwhelming and that you find at least 1 or 2 links just for you!

  • One of the people that inspires me online is The Organic Sister. (I hope to meet her someday!) Anyway, she has a passion for sustainability, in manageable steps. Her new site, Sustainable Baby Steps answers the question, "How do I go green?" She offers steps in different sizes, whatever size fits you best. She also explains how some things really aren't as environmentally friendly as we're made to think. I already link her button on my page, but I wanted to specifically tell you how awesome her site is! I'm very infantile in my own green steps, so I'm using her site to help me better our home without going off the deep end or going further than my family can handle.

  • Cutest Kid Ever offers this amazing article entitled Big Sis and Little Brother: Attachment Theory and the Sibling Relationship. It is a different point of view on attachment relationships, not just parenting. It served to reinforce some of the reasons I choose AP myself.

  • I love to go barefoot. It is a pleasure I share with my children. Sasha has, unfortunately, had to wear socks. But when I do remove those, she loves to walk around barefoot, too! Well these days, the world is realizing that shoes are bad for our feet! Check out Parents for Barefoot Children! You could also read The Barefoot Book. There is even a Society for Barefoot Living! If it is warm enough where you are, take off your shoes and wiggle your toes in the grass! There is nothing like it!

  • Since deciding to hit the road (though we're still in prep stages), I've been finding more and more Families on the Road. I've found The Unschool Bus. I find everyone's start on the road is fascinating, but Kelly's is pretty moving (no pun intended). I've been checking Winter Road Tales which is written from the father's point of view for a change. The only problem there is that he doesn't update very often. Just last night I found Aberryhappyfamily's blog. The mom is some sort of nurse and got to see birthing inside the Northern Navajo Medical Center! It made me want to birth in New Mexico myself! And finally, A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings. There are no unschooling children on this one, but Camp Hosting (or Workamping) is one of the jobs I'm researching, so I thought this one was interesting, too.

    Mostly, I have been simply amazed at how many families I keep finding that are living on the road! I am not a patient person when it comes to what I want, but I've been doing pretty well staying focused, eyes on the prize! I need to post about what I've done toward this goal.

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