Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Blue Giftmas

Blue Giftmas 2008Our first Giftmas together: 2008
Image short descriptionGiftmas Light Fun: 2008


  1. That's so cool. Was the lighting really blue, or did you add a filter? I like the light show, too — what kind of lights were you using? Was that enough questions? Should I just be appreciating and not asking? You've got me singing "Blue Christmas" now, I'll have you know. :)

    Visiting from Hobo Mama and Natural Parents Network, of course!

  2. I love how these photos express how some of feel during the holidays.

  3. Thanks everyone.

    @Lauren - lol I appreciate the attention, questions or no. :-)

    The lights on the tree really were blue and the tree is silver, so it reflects the light all over the place. It was just regular blue Giftmas Lights. And yeah, it had me thinking Blue Christmas, so I had to go with that title. heh


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