Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Surf: Short List

My energies this week have been spent more on minimizing belongings for our move this Wednesday into a smaller apartment (and eventually into an RV). Here is a picture of the stuff I got out of here today. The box in the lower right-hand corner went to the apartment office for their food drive. There is a box of science stuff I got when Ronni was little and haven't ever used. Three bags of clothes, some that were hand-me-downs to me that didn't fit. There is one bag of board games (plus one that didn't fit in the bag) and a baby play center in a bag in addition to the bouncer seat. Elmo and I agree that we won't need these things with our next baby. Oh! And there is a small bag containing a couple pairs of shoes.

Truck Load of DonationsTruck Load of Stuff

I went on about all that much longer than intended, but the point is - links have not been my main concern this week! I do have just a few for you, though:

  • MET Recycle (The Metropolitan Environmental Trust) is a local organization, but this Green Gift Guide could be useful to anyone anywhere. If you're not done with your shopping list, perhaps you could find some ideas here. I am proud to share with you that the MET also held the first phone book recycling event in the nation, Project ReDirectory, which is now modeled in cities across the country.

  • As I've said, I'm finding more and more families that have left the hubbub of life in one town and are traveling while homeschooling and even unschooling their children. In my research on how we can do the same, I've had to give a lot of thought into how to feed us and keep fuel in the tank. No answer works for every family and Kelly from Unschooling Liberty does a good job explaining that here. A lot of what she said reminded me of the eBook on long term travel I have linked here and on the side pane of my page.

  • Have you ever thought about where your tax money goes? While reading Un-Jobbing : The Adult Liberation Handbook, I was given some history on US taxes and asked to consider this point. The National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee is a good place to start learning how to stop paying for war. I've added a button for their site to my blog, too.
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