Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: My Girls

Sasha & TylerSasha (15mo) & Tyler (12yo)
with a toy they both love

Tyler, Sasha and Momma JorjeTyler, Sasha, and myself
Giftmas visit at Gran's
(it is a rare nursing pic!)


  1. Theyre just as cute as you are. Lovely family.

  2. Hi Jorje, I couldn't email you back from our blog. To answer your question, we use to find most of our jobs. That's how Amazon found us, thier pay was better than most campgrounds and they pay for your campsite.
    Stafford's on the Road

  3. Finally catching up! What great pictures. I love seeing sibs together, and of course I love me some nursing pictures. Love the shirt on you, too — was that new?

  4. @ CrunchyVTMommy - Thank you!

    @ Lauren - Thanks! I actually specifically asked Serena to take some shots of Sasha nursing, then tried to ignore her so we could get true "snapshots" (I hate posing).

    And the shirt... Elmo & I got shirts in our stockings this year! Elmo got (drumroll please) an Elmo shirt! lol And I got Cookie Monster. (I am infamous for selling GS Cookies.) The shirts are much fun and it was fun to match all day. :-)


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