Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Newest Member of our Menagerie

Cobalt Blue TarantulaOur newest pet, a Cobalt Blue Tarantula
These pics do not do the color justice

Cobalt Blue TarantulaOur newest pet, Tears, a Haplopelma lividum tarantula


  1. Nice! So happy for your new pet. How many do you have now? Is that round spot on top like a false eye or something?

  2. We now have 7 tarantulas and 1 scorpion! We constantly debate how they (and how many) will travel.

    Are you talking about the oval-type thing toward the top end? It is actually a cluster of 8 eyes. Not all spiders have 8 eyes, but tarantulas do. Or were you referring to some other part?

    I have studied tarantulas and LOVE answering questions about them! I've given talks to Girl Scouts a few times, with spiders in tow!


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