Thursday, December 2, 2010

WW Macro Answers

Thank you all so much for guessing! I love seeing my macro shots from other viewpoints! And... without further ado...

  1. Bread - Great job, Missy!
  2. Carpet - Great job, Mama Whimsy!
    Lauren, you cracked me up with the Spider Bedding guess! You just know me so well!
  3. Sunflower Seeds - Great job, Purple Dancing Dahlias!
    I love seeing them as rocks, though.
  4. Bubble Wrap - too easy!
  5. Lava Rock, actually a BIG one, at a cemetery. Great job, Lauren.
    Pumice stone could also be considered a correct answer.
  6. One of my favorites! This is actually the lid to one of those plastic turtle sandboxes!
  7. A light fixture outside Boston Avenue Church - you can see more great pictures of it by doing a Google Image Search: Boston Avenue Church Tulsa
  8. A glass brick lit up from the inside as part of an Art Deco Mazzios in midtown Tulsa, OK - I couldn't find any good pictures of the location. I won a ribbon at the local fair for a similar photo highlighting a brick lit up with green and red.
  9. No one ever gets this one! It is a rubber glove for doing dishes, etc!
    The answers on this one always amuse me.
  10. Filter was close enough, I think. This is the outside of the A/C unit at my old house.
  11. One weathered wooden plank of a park bench. :-)
  12. A stack of ash trays on the bar in a restaurant at lunch time.
I hope you all enjoyed playing! I should take more macros (these are old) and play again some time. I love sharing these.
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