Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Surf: Slightly Random

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday full of love and goodies. Here are the links that caught my eye this week:

  • We get NetFlix so I was amused to see that there is a site dedicated to origami you can make with your NetFlix flaps! Check it out at NetFlix
    NetFlix Origami Starched ShirtNetFlix Origami Starched Shirt

  • From Baby Dust Diaries, I enjoyed this article titled Drop-side Cribs, Penises, and Vaccines. In the post, you'll find some statistics regarding the safety of drop-side cribs (which I guess are being banned in the states now) versus circumcision and other oh-so-dangerous baby-related things. I doubt any of my readers will find any of these things too surprising, but the presentation here was entertaining.

  • I don't read enough to warrant the purchase of a Kindle. I think they're pretty cool, but they are simply a luxury that would be an inappropriate expense for me. However, I learned that Amazon also offers Free Kindle Reading Apps for iPhone, Windows PC, Max, Blackberry, iPad, Android, and Windows 7 Phones. I had no idea! So... I think I might download the app because I do like doing most of my reading at my computer.

  • After much debate, we had decided that our best / greenest live-on-the-road travel option was a diesel truck (converted to run on WVO) pulling a travel trailer. I like the idea of being able to park our home and not have to take it with us everywhere we go. However, I'm beginning to think that is too large a goal for my timeframe. My mind keeps coming back to the school bus ideas. Plus I keep seeing RVs pulling cars and that is totally an option as well. So, timely as ever, Kelly Halldorsen posted a detailed tour of their bus: The Unschool Bus Tour. I love what they've done with their bus! I think I should show this link to my dad. I do see some good prices for these things available locally, but we'd need his supervision and connections for materials. You can see their bus transformation in video and in pictures.
    Unschool BusThe Unschool Bus - unschooling liberty

  • I really suck with Thank You notes. I mean REALLY. After my first wedding, I had purchased thank you notes that fit the color scheme of the whole thing. And there they sat. I probably still have them. I (shamefully) never wrote a single Thank You card for those gifts. Bad Jorje! John Kralik, however, decided to write a Thank You note every day for a year! Read about his exercise and the book he put together from it. Why can't I think of such a nifty idea for a book? Perfect Thank You Notes: Heartfelt And Handwritten - at NPR.

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