Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Minimalist: Kick Off

Have you heard of Minimalism? It seems to be this new movement and once you get bit by the bug, it may feel like a religion! You know when you find some amazing new product and you want to tell ALL your friends? Well minimalism is awesome! One reason it came to me was because I want to live in a travel trailer. Travel Trailers don't have much room for junk. Look around you, how much of that stuff is actually junk?

If you haven't heard of minimalism, there are some sites and blogs out there that have already explained it for us. You can, of course, look up the definition or find those sites. I, personally, love The Minimalist Mom! Hers was the first blog I found about minimalism and I can also relate to being a mother. Minimalism is going to look very different in different households.

Truck Load of Donationstruck load of stuff
taken to Goodwill in December
(just before our last move)

So... why have less stuff? There are lots of different reasons for different people. Obviously there is the less space that I mentioned. But also, a lot of people are realizing that we're letting our stuff run our lives. We work more so we can have more stuff. So couldn't the reverse be true? If we could stop consuming so much stuff, could we work less? Yes! I'm still trimming down the junk I have, but I've donated (and yes, trashed) a LOT of stuff in the past 6 months or so. The trick is, though, I haven't replaced it, either. My husband and I have cut back on our consumption (of tangible as well as intangible things) so much that I've been able to quit my Full Time job. We've opted instead to get by on two Part Time incomes which affords us more... (wait for it)... TIME! Together! And another bonus, less stress!

Here in the U.S. we work very hard to be the consumers we want to be. But why do we want so badly to be consumers? Why do we even care what the neighbors have? So what if they're television is bigger or their car is newer. Do you think those things really make them happy? Does any of your stuff truly bring you happiness? Or is it the time to share those things?

Pile of JunkJunk Pile still remaining
one month after our last move

I'm not saying live with nothing. I've found, though, that I had a lot of extraneous crap. I'm still digging my way out, but I'm deep enough in that I'd like to start sharing more of my minimalist thoughts and journey with you. So I've started Monday Minimalist! I may share with you things that I want and how/why I choose not to consume them. I may share resources or tales of things I've passed along to someone else. I hope you'll enjoy this new thread and take something from it (ideas don't use up any natural resources!). I hope some others in the minimalist world (or you, when you join the movement) will jump on my MM bandwagon.
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