Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Surf: Natural & Green

It has been kind of a crazy week. I escorted my mother to the doctor on Tuesday, then she went to the ER early Thursday morning. She is still in the hospital now. I've also gotten around to some writing this week that I've been putting off for a couple months. Here are the few links I've found worth sharing this week.

  • Although Elmo & I are unschooling Sasha, I found Why Preschool Shouldn't Be Like School to be intriguing, nonetheless. One one hand, it seems that children are vastly underestimated. On the other hand, it seems there is a lot of
    Why Preschool Shouldn't Be Like SchoolImage from Slate
    pressure for them to learn more and more advanced junk at younger and younger ages. This article explains why this may not be the best approach after all. There are some really cool studies mentioned, too.

  • HoboMama mentioned this product on FB and I just LOVE it! These are offered by Sara's Stitches on Etsy
    and had images kicked off FB because boobs can only be shown in a sexual nature on that site. I just do NOT get FB when it comes to that. Anyway, check out these Boobie Beanies! So fun! AND they're available in different skin tones!

  • From Sustainable Baby Steps, comes an article offering Types of Houseplants That Clean Indoor Air! Talk about an easy baby step! You can get tips to get you started and find out which plants clean what from your indoor air!

  • From the author of Sustainable Baby Steps, comes a TMI Alert: Cloth Toilet Paper. This article from a couple of years ago provides some great information on how to How do I go green?baby step your way into using cloth toilet paper! While the idea in general may be larger than a "baby step," I've been thinking that I want to try this. This article is a great place to start and sounds much better than the shop towels my mother has offered to me!
I hope you found something here you could use, too! Until next week... keep surfin'!
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