Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Zoo Trip

on our way to the zooI was going a bit stir crazy to get OUT and do something, so Daddy took us to the zoo on Saturday! The weather was absolutely perfect for it!

Tulsa Zoo ~ Aldabra TortoisesWe had an up-close view of the aldabra tortoises at meal time! We could have pet them. Sasha was fascinated, by the tortoises AND the people!

Tulsa Zoo ~ Leaving the Aldabra TortoisesCarrying Sasha out of the Aldabra Tortoise Enclosure

Tulsa Zoo ~ Tiger JinI believe this may be the Tulsa Zoo's new Tiger, Jin

Tulsa Zoo ~ African PenguinsOne young African Penguin kept swimming back and forth in front of the window. It would swim right up to the children! Sasha immediately recognized and signed that they were birds!

Tulsa Zoo ~ BearUhhhh ~ Bear
Edit: New Grizzly Bear @ the Tulsa Zoo

Walking in the ZooOnce her feet hit the ground, she wouldn't have it any other way! We thought she'd slow us down, but we had nowhere to be. She actually kept up pace, no problem! She has been walking for 8 months now.

Tulsa Zoo ~ Black BearBlack Bear

Tulsa Zoo ~ FlamingosFlamingos and... Swans?

ASL FishSigning FISH in front of a big tank.

Tulsa Zoo ~ MonkeysWe signed for monkeys, too!

Tulsa Zoo ~ MonkeyAnother monkey ~ kept looking at Elmo between photos.

Tulsa Zoo ~ ChimpanzeesSee all those people in the back? All the chimps were are on our side, which we had to ourselves! The chimps came right over to where we were, too.

Walking the Fence at the Tulsa ZooAfter standing Sasha on the fence to see the chimpanzees, she wanted to walk the top. She really has great balance!

Tulsa Zoo ~ Tiger StatueRequisite Tiger Statue Posed Photo Op @ the Entrance / Exit of the Tulsa Zoo
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