Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Minimalist: Resisting New Stuff

Being minimalist or even just minimalish doesn't mean that you have to stop getting new things at all. It doesn't mean you have to turn the other cheek when a good deal comes your way. It does, however, mean thinking about purchases a little more seriously. Will this item truly bring something good to my life? Will it just be another thing to wash / dust?

This morning when I took the garbage to the dumpster, I saw that someone had moved out and there was the usual pile of discarded junk next to the dumpster: a chair, legs for it, a lamp or two, and... wait! What is that?! OMG a 4-square ball?? I have always LOVED those kinds of balls!! I could so HAVE it... for FREE!

Breathe. What the hell would I do with a 4-square ball? Yes, they bounce great. It is too big for Sasha and she already has other balls. Would it truly make me any happier to have my OWN 4-square ball? Not likely.

I've learned through this transition that just because you've always admired (or even wanted) something doesn't mean that you really should have it. Usually the reality isn't all you dreamed it would be anyway. Example: I love bread boxes. I think they are SO cool. And chrome? Even better! I finally got one several years ago. Mostly it just took up space and absorbed extra dust. Dusty chrome is not very pretty. My dream bread box was so much better than actually having one. In fact, I left it behind when I moved out.

Prime Pacific Stainless Steel Bread Box, Brushed

It can be a real challenge to not jump at an opportunity. The pride felt about my own self control is a wonder, though! That said, I brought home a comb from the hospital today. I guess I had too many things available to me and this was the one that finally got me to cave. I already have 1 comb, but had recently thought maybe we needed 2. I couldn't even tell you why and I probably won't keep it. I still feel good about other things I didn't bring home today.
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