Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Surf: Short List

I don't know what I was doing all week, other than being grumpy, but I just didn't find a lot to share with you. Still, I have a couple...

  • You know how ideas seem to strike when you're doing something entirely unrelated? (And you know if you don't jot them down you'll forget them when you need them?) Well scientists have figured out that very fact! Check out Bother Me, I'm Thinking ~ Why you should drop that espresso and bounce a ball instead.

  • This next article is about the dangers in labeling children. Stop Calling Children "Drama Queens" ~ I appreciated the facts this article provided regarding the brain development of toddlers. It helped me to understand that Sasha isn't ready to problem-solve her own problems yet. It helps keep us from being frustrated when she gets frustrated if we can just remember her perspective. She is a little ball of emotions, so cut her some slack for being... emotional!
I hope you enjoyed this week's short list. What have you read lately that you consider a must read? Share it with me so that I might share it next week!

1 comment:

  1. Interesting about the drama queen stuff. I call my 4 1/2 yo a drama queen bc she cries all the time. Over everything. Every day. Of course I don't mean anything harmful by it, but it is good to remember who these little people are and how they are developing.


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