Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Surf: Fascinating Stuff & Giveaways!

I have been feeling very, very pregnant. I also feel mostly ready for Spencer's arrival, though I'd like to get past Elmo's vasectomy and recuperation before then. Here are some really fascinating links I've seen this week...

Pregnancy, Birth and the New Sibling: 10 Tips

This has (obviously) been a topic at the forefront of my mind as I prepare to bring a baby brother home to my teen and toddler girls. There are some great suggestions on this list that I hadn't seen elsewhere. I must say, though, I wish I'd seen it sooner!

Also, I love the photo in this article from Birth Without Fear! I kind of want to mimic it myself. It would be perfect, considering how much of Sasha's time is spent naked and how much she likes to be held.

Is Your Baby’s Blue Vein a Sugar Bug?

Just when you think you've read all the weird parenting / health topics... along comes one out of left field. Does your baby have a faint blue line across their nose?

Either way, you'll be amazed at what this little line might be able to tell you! I'd never heard of this! It is a fascinating phenomenon!

Hybrid Rasta Mama: A Natural Parenting, Healthy Living Blog

Baby Bunz & Co $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway

Hybrid Rasta Mama loves discovering new small businesses that she can wholeheartedly support. In this tough economy she has made it a priority to seek out businesses whose ethics are in line with hers and whose products fit her crunchy green lifestyle.

Grab your chance to win $25 to spend on Baby Bunz & Co!

Mothers and babies can instantly synchronize their hearts just by smiling at each other

This is just such a totally cool study! I look forward to seeing where else they take this one. (The article does speculate on that, too.) I think this study opens up a lot of possibilities as far as unknown human capabilities.

Babies' Cells Linger, May Protect Mothers

Did you ever imagine... that you are still carrying a physical part of every child you've ever conceived? This seems to have brought a little peace to a friend that lost twins. This study shows how your babies (born or not) continue to protect you for decades! This article is absolutely worth a read!

Tyler wears Sasha in Boba CarrierTyler wearing Sasha in our Boba Carrier
for a family walk in the night air.
NOTE: Boba foot straps are intended for use with shoes.

Boba Carrier Review & Giveaway!

There are only a few days left on this giveaway! Enter for your chance to win a Boba Wrap, Carrier or Travel Pack! I bet you could get it by Giftmas, if you tried.

Enjoy these links and come back next week for more (assuming I'm not in labor)!
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