Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Surf: Vax & Gender & Boobies, Oh my!

My week has been filled with continuous early labor signs and stress leading up to my husband's vasectomy. He survived the procedure and we're working through recuperation now. I have a post about vasectomy (complete with several links) coming next month and intend to write some posts about other methods of birth control I've tried.

In the meantime, here are my links for the week:

ALL the Vaccines Are Contaminated - Every Last One of Them

From, a lengthy article about some of the nasty stuff in vaccines. The article even mentions that Hepatitis B vaccines, contaminated with a virus, caused the AIDS epidemic in the US. Some very serious stuff here!

Led by the child who simply knew

From The Boston Globe, the tale of a pair identical twin boys, one of which was a girl to the core. The story of this amazing family, their braveness and support is simply awe inspiring!

Target Nurse-In

Target employees recently harassed and humiliated a breastfeeding mom in their store. She was given no support when she called their corporate offices, even though their supposed policy supports breastfeeding on site. Click my Target Nurse-In header for the Facebook page of the nurse-in event coming on December 28th.

Great stuff this week, other than the awfulness that happened at Target. Still, you can help in a great way! Tune in next week... unless I'm tied up with a new baby!
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