Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nursing through Pregnancy - final weeks (36-37, so far)

36th week

I hate nursing. Really. Every time I nurse, I just keep thinking how much I want to tell someone how much I hate it. It isn't terribly uncomfortable. It isn't even that painful, most of the time (though sometimes it hurts enough to make me gasp). However, now that I know Spencer could arrive at any time... I find myself desperate for his arrival, when I'm nursing. I've pinned such high hopes on how his birth will change my nursing relationship(s). I truly hope my expectations aren't too high and leave me falling very far down.

Also, I now have random times (though generally I'm a bit cool, I think) when my nipples get really hard. It feels a tiny bit like let down... only not. Its painful. And weird.

37th week

I still hate nursing. Sasha has been slightly under the weather, so she has been nursing more. It seems like she wants to nurse at least once between waking and nap time every day. She has also gone back to biting down in her sleep, especially if I don't remove her during that perfect window of opportunity.

My belly has gotten so large that, if just supported by pillows, Sasha's chin rubs against my belly. Yet another annoying sensation. I just find nursing so very annoying in every way lately. That said, I did imagine nursing her while in labor. How insane would that be?!

To be continued...

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