Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Minimalist: Boxing Day

Are you familiar with Boxing Day? In much of the world, Boxing Day has become just another post-holiday shopping day. In fact, many countries officially move the day to the 27th of December if the 26th falls on a Sunday! There is even a Cyber Boxing Day now. Just what we need, right? Another day of boosted consumerism. Consume, consume, consume! Ugh.

Boxing Day Montreal 2010 ~ by davidcwong888Boxing Day Montreal 2010
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As I understand it, the original idea behind Boxing Day was to go through your belongings and weed out items that you no longer needed, items that were replaced with gifts you received for Giftmas (Christmas). As a minimalist, I think this sounds like a perfect holiday!

Have a Bonny BOXING DAY ~ by RedJinnWere you able to thin down your kids' toy boxes before the holiday? If not, I'm sure you've become keenly aware of how much space all those new toys take! If you couldn't motivate your kids pre-giftmas, perhaps Boxing Day can help motivate them post-giftmas. Some people even have a 1 item in, 1 item out sort of rule. We're not so strict... at least not at this point. Its tempting at times, especially when someone randomly gives our daughter a large toy!

There are plenty of sites out there all about Boxing Day. Check them out, share them with your kids, and then help them choose items they no longer need based on all their new stuff. This can apply to clothes and other items, too. It also applies to everyone in the household, not just the kids. It can be a great way to spend the day on a joint effort to find items that are ready for new homes. Those items can go to help others in need. Perhaps your kids can even help choose how / where to donate / distribute their stuff!

Boxing Day is actually next Monday, but I wanted to mention it in advance so you can plan for it. Have you ever practiced / celebrated Boxing Day? Do you think you will this year? Perhaps you can use your Boxing Day for a Monday Minimalist post of your own!

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  1. It is odd to read about Boxing Day as having become another shopping holiday. My sisters and I celebrated Christmas in London ten years ago, and on both Christmas and Boxing Day the entire city more or less stopped — or at least seemed to, from the perspective of our outsiders' eyes. No Underground service, for example, and so my youngest sister, who was actually living in London at the time, had to stay in the hotel with my other sister and I, because we had no other way to get to each other for the holiday, cabs being even more expensive over there than they are here in NYC.

    Anyway, we won't be packing up any of the Critter's things (or ours) to give away on Boxing Day itself, but we do have a post-Christmas toy purge planned, though not scheduled. Plus lots more decluttering to do before the baby comes!


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