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Monday Minimalist: Baby Registries - Nursery

Lots of babies are conceived in the Winter. About half of my babies were. Anyway, on that note (and because as I write this I'm expecting Spencer any time), this Monday Minimalist post series is about registering for your Baby Shower gifts.

You can register at just about any and every store using their website these days. It isn't quite as much fun as going shopping with a friend or family member, but it is certainly less exhausting!

During this pregnancy I registered at Walmart, Target, Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, plus one or two other stores. Some of those were by request (okay, at least one was).

Whether you register in person or choose to use the internet, every store offers you a list of things for which they think you should register. They wouldn't want you to be without, after all! In today's post, we're going to cover all of the "must haves" for the Nursery.


  • Crib (+ mattress) - do you plan to cosleep? You totally don't need a crib! You can get a toddler side rail instead.
  • Cradle / Bassinet / Portable Crib - when we weren't in the bedroom, we literally put Sasha down on the floor on a blanket for naps. We did, however, also use a playpen on occasion. It has a bassinet insert as well as a changing "table" insert. Evaluate your home and your needs to decide if you really need these items.
  • Dresser / Chest / Armoire - How many baby clothes do you have? I used a simple, cheap, 3-drawer plastic thingamabob. It costs $20. I'm still using it for Sasha's things and we even got one for Spencer's things recently. If you'd like a nice dresser, register for it. But if you don't get it - consider your options. Or could you make room in your own dresser for baby's things?
  • Changing Table - Really? It seems silly to me now. I wanted one so bad when I had Sasha. My mother helped me find a good deal on Craigslist and even bought it for me! When it was upstairs, I hardly used it. I eventually figured out what a waste of money and space these things are. Most people I know wind up changing diapers sitting on the couch or using an ottoman or end of the bed. Many even use the floor. This is definitely a luxury (unnecessary) item.
  • Glider / Rocker (+ Ottoman) - This is another item upon which I truly had my heart set. Again, my mother helped me find a good deal on Craigslist and helped me get it. I enjoyed it, but didn't use it a lot. Think about your space and how you plan to tend to your little one. This certainly need not be considered a necessity item.


  • Crib bedding set - This would be nice if you've gone all out with a themed nursery. I didn't even have a need for an extra room to be a nursery. (We hardly used the room at all!) Also, at least one state has outlawed crib bumpers! Also, if you are skipping the crib, this is more stuff you can skip as well.
  • Waterproof mattress pads - no mattress, no need for mattress pads
  • Waterproof lap pads - depending on your plans, these are so wonderful to have! If you're planning to use Elimination Communication, these are nearly a necessity.
  • Receiving Blankets - alright, these are one of those things that can get a lot of use. They're even fairly versatile. We've used them to swaddle (I don't recommend swaddling, actually). We've used them to shade the carseat from the sun. Sasha has napped on them. I used them to fool Tyler into thinking I was still next to her when she would nurse down for a nap. They usually come in inexpensive sets and I'm sure one or two people will choose this gift if you include it.
  • Heavier blankets - we wound up with 3 and we used all of them. We would have been fine with 2, but I do think they're nearly a necessity, depending on what time of year your little one is due to arrive. We still use the heavier blankets on Sasha's bed and for keeping her warm in the truck.

Room Decor

  • Mobile - totally necessary, especially if you have nothing to which to attach it! However, if it is a tradition for you or something that you feel you would use or enjoy having, by all means include it on your registry.
  • Changing Table pad (+ covers) - no need for this if you don't have a changing table, right? Those waterproof lap pads I mentioned before work great and can be left our OR packed into your diaper bag!
  • Wall hangings / borders / decor / light switch plates - If you're renting your home, this may be a non-issue anyway. Since I realized we didn't need a separate nursery anyway, these sort of items would not have served me well. It just depends on how you're arranging your baby space in your home.
  • Lamp / Rug / Hamper - Again, these depend on your individual needs. If you do have a separate room for the nursery, does it have a light fixture of its own? Many apartments in our area don't. Rugs seem like luxury items to me, though I love the play rugs with maps and things for later play. As for a hamper, we just shared our own.
  • Closet Organizer - this would totally depend on your space. If you're dealing with a small amount of space, this could be a real necessity for you. We didn't / don't need one. Our plastic dressers are currently stacked in our closet.
  • Trash can - do you really need a separate trash can for this room?

I hope you find this series useful when deciding what you need or want for your expanding family. I'm providing my own opinions on the items listed, but these are just what worked for me. I also hope you'll come back for more categories in the series.

The next category on the list is Diapers and Formula. That's right, formula is on the must haves list for some of these places! I do find it slightly amusing, maybe, that nursing / feeding falls under a completely different category: Infant Care. Isn't it ALL infant care of one sort or another?

Do you have an item in your nursery without which your life would truly be more difficult? What is your nursery must have?

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