Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mamatography - Week 20

Day 134


My brother giving Sasha a home version ferris wheel ride after we told him about the carnival from the previous day.

Day 135


We took the kids to play for my delayed Mother's Day. Daddy followed Sasha around the playground for a view of her play time. Happy Mother's Day to me! I love this video!

Day 136


We love for our friend Jenni (my doula) to come visit! I'm so glad we connected!

Day 137


Jenni took the last of my donor milk (from someone else) to give to another mother in need. Look, we can have ice cream now! I am so thrilled to have all of my freezer space!

Day 138


My friend Tabatha and her son came over to play at the park with us. I love that Sasha knows how to have fun on the swing by herself now. I used to love to swing like this, too.

Day 139


Sasha discovered that her Sesame Street characters fit right into the groove of the window. It made for a great play space.

Sasha went through this phase where she literally rubbed her food all over her face! Thank goodness it only lasted a few days!

Day 140


Look at that face! Spencer practiced rolling onto his belly over and over again!

We went to the Blue Dome Arts Festival to see the Art Cars. The girls investigated this cool hook on our way back to the truck.


Are you up for a challenge? One that will take something from you every day, but give a whole lot back too? How about joining me for the photography challenge in 2012 then? A photo a day of whatever your day involved. You can jump in any time through the year!

If you’d still like to join us, you can start at any time, just sign up here and our host will email you further information.

Without further ado, here is the current list of all participants for Mamatography 2012 so far!

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