Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Surf: Siblings Communicating with Flowers

Have you missed me (on Sundays)? I've been some major slacker, right? I totally forgot one Sunday and then just didn't force myself to do it this past weekend because I was out of town. (More on that soon!) So now I'm going to have to re-read some of these links so I can refresh my memory on why I wanted to share them / what I wanted to say about them.

What Nobody Says About Bringing Second Baby Home (or) The Greatest Gift You Can Ever Give A Child

One of the major deciding factors for us having another baby was that we wanted to give Sasha a sibling. We wanted her to have that close bond / built in best friend. Ironically, we both had poor relationships with our siblings growing up. There was more of an age gap there, though. Anyway, now that we actually have that next baby at home... sometimes it is hard! Sometimes I feel guilty and have even felt like I had to hide when nursing Spencer. To top it all, he has special needs, so requires even more time and attention. I look forward to seeing their bond develop and grow. Right now... its jealousy city and guilt for me. This article is very reassuring that we made the right decision!

Your Baby Isn't Trying to Annoy You; She's Crying to Communicate

I think this article may have partially been my inspiration for my "Good Baby" post on Friday. The writer makes some really good points. I think it might serve as good "ammo" if you find yourself in a conversation or argument with someone that claims babies are manipulative.

Pollen is Not The Problem

This post... well it honestly scares the crap out of me and actually has me considering some major changes to my diet. We're suffering from allergies this year. I've had a sore throat from post nasal drip all Spring so far (and Spring came early thanks to that gentle Winter). Do you think what you eat could be causing you to have allergy problems? Check out what Sarah has to say about healthy gut flora and allergies.
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