Friday, May 18, 2012

Vacation Weekend with Volunteers / Friends

As you surely know by now, I volunteer on Natural Parents Network. Last October, we had a Volunteer Gathering. I've made some close friends with some of the volunteers, especially through late night chats! My daughter has even become close friends with the daughter of another volunteer. So we planned a family get-together between her family and mine. Joni Rae of Tales of a Kitchen Witch invited us to come stay with her family. My oldest daughter has become close friends with her daughter who has gone to stay with them for a couple of extended visits.

As it turned out, she and Dionna of Code Name: Mama were also working out plans for a visit. As we were working out how to align our dates for one larger get together, Amy of Presence Parenting jumped on board as well! It would be Spencer's first road trip!

Elmo drivingIt was about a 3 hour drive,
plus about 45 minutes worth of stops.

Spencer did great! He stayed dry and then "went" for me when we made our first stop, about an hour into the trip. He was wet when we stopped again an hour later, but he still went for me. Sasha, on the other hand, started whining and asking to go home 20 minutes after leaving.

We had planned a very low-key vacation together and I didn't even snap any pictures Friday evening! We got up and around at our own paces on Saturday morning before heading to the Dickerson Park Zoo for Dollar Days! We didn't arrive until about noon, so we missed the morning rush. It was still pretty busy.

Cooper with PB&JCooper supervised while Joni Rae made a huge stack of PB&J sandwiches for us to have at the zoo.

Sasha & Cooper at the Train StationSasha & Cooper could seriously be twins!
They loved the train! It was the perfect spot
to lunch and to wait...

Jorje & Dionna NIP...for Dionna to arrive!
Then we did something very NPN-ish:
we nursed in public together!

We only spent 2-3 hours at the zoo before heading back to "home base." We took a short time to regroup and get ready for the next activity. We met up with Amy and her family at Nathaniel Greene Park for a picnic!

Ailia & SpencerAilia & Spencer

Dionna & FamilyDionna & Family

Amy & youngestAmy and her youngest (so far)

Joni Rae / Henna / AmyJoni Rae did henna on Amy's belly
This is a bit of a tradition now, I think!

Elmo playing with AiliaElmo playing with Ailia

When we left the park, we discovered the Nutella Fairy had paid a visit to our truck bed! There was a wholesale club double-pack of Nutella back there! Oh I have been a very good girl!

Dionna came over to hang out with Joni Rae and I on Sunday as well.

Momma Jorje & AiliaMomma Jorje & Ailia
I actually got to help Ailia fall asleep, even!

Before Dionna and family left, they offered to take some portrait style shots of my family. In this particular shot, our world is revolving around Sasha - just as it should.

On Monday morning we got up, did diaper laundry, packed, and hit the road...

Ronni holding hands with Sasha AND SpencerRonni holding hands with Sasha AND Spencer...
it did the trick, for a while.

The ride home was a bit less pleasant, with all three kids whining at one point or another. We had such a wonderfully laid back vacation hanging out with Joni Rae (and her kids) and getting to visit with Dionna and Amy (and their families). You can check out their posts (and pics) from the weekend at:

Have you ever traveled to visit online friends?

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