Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Surf: Giving away diapers, formula & diet changes

You will not find any TIME references here. There are lots of posts, I'm sure you've already seen plenty of them. Here are the links I'd like to share with you...

Fat Bottom Babies Giveaway

There are two prizes up for grabs. The first is 1 cloth diaper with 1 insert, 1 doubler and a 2oz tube of Bottom Soother. Tabatha (the local mom behind Fat Bottom Babies) is a friend of mine. Her diapers are well made AND adorable... and they don't look just like every other CD out there. Go win one and find out!

Here’s Some Formula Just In Case

I love the comparison this post gives... Imagine if you were given a divorce lawyer's card on your wedding day, "just in case." Yeah, how about the medical industry allows mothers some faith in their ability to breastfeed? Just give formula to them if they have trouble (or if they request it). Assume the normal option!

Musing on Elimination Diets

One of the links I posted last week was about changing your diet to battle [pollen] allergy problems. I do not like changing my diet. I'm married to a picky eater. Its a daunting task anyway. Well this article gives me permission not to change it! hahaha Seriously, though, there is some very good information here.
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