Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mamatography - Week 1!

This is to be my first Mamatography post of the year! I may change the layout along the way, please bare with me. I plan to use my Mamatography project as my Wordless Wordful Wednesday format for the year, but wrote yesterday's post a month in advance! I hope you enjoy the project, please feel free to hop on board any time!

My Mamatography posts won't always be this long, but this was an eventful week!

January 1

Happy New Year in the NICUI rang in the New Year with my new Little Man,
trying to keep him warm.

Asleep under the bedAnd this is how Sasha rang in the New Year...
asleep under the bed in the hotel across the street.

Car Seat Test in NICULater in the day, Spencer passed his Car Seat test,
one more step toward going home!

Sleep Study in NICUAnd last thing of the day, a Sleep Study is set up.
Mommy is sent away to rest most of the night.

January 2

Uncle Brandon brought a guitarUncle Brandon brings entertainment to the hotel so Mommy & Daddy can deal with the NICU and picking up Spencer!

Spencer's Hearing Test in NICUOne final test before Spencer can go home...

Tandem Nursing - Take ISasha woke up and crawled over to meet Spencer for the first time.

January 3

Checking out of the HotelPacking up to leave the hotel. Going HOME!

January 4

Introduction at LastUncle Brandon finally gets to meet Spencer.

January 5

Sasha loves SpencerBig Sister Sasha loves Baby Brother Spencer

January 6

Low Key DayHangin' out with Bert & Ernie for a low key day, watchin' tele.

First ShampooSpencer's very first shampoo.

January 7

Daddy & Spencer in our Family BedVery blurry photo of Daddy & Spencer in our Family Bed


  1. Okay, Spencer is BEAUTIFUL and I love the tandem nursing photos - priceless (and inspiring). Thanks!

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty darned excited to finally have tandem nursing photos! :-D

  2. Gorgeous pics of a gorgeous family, love the tandem nursing photo :)

  3. Gorgeous photos Jorje! I love the home-made tattoos! I've got pics like that with her drawing all over herself too! :) So cute.

    BTW, What is the car seat test?

    1. The car seat test is really rather ingenious, I thought! You put your baby in the car seat and they leave all the same leads (the check heart rate, oxygen levels, etc) on the baby. Baby must remain in the car seat for at least 1 hour. The duration is longer if it takes you longer to drive home from the hospital.

      The idea is to avoid sending you home only to have you get there with a baby that can't breathe or is under some other distress and have you rushing right back to the hospital. The car seat test makes sure your baby will MAKE it home.

  4. OMG he is so freaking cute! Seeing all these new NPN babies is giving me baby fever! I'm very glad you're all home together, and hoping you're getting some sleep! <3


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