Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mamatography - Week 2

This is my second Mamatography post of the year! I'm already making some minor changes to how I write it up, now that I've seen some other Mamatography posts. I hope you are enjoying my take on the project. Please feel free to hop on board any time!

Day 8


Cosleeping MommaI seriously love it when Elmo takes these shots!
How else are you going to capture the moment?

Day 9


Sasha napAfter a rough night of (no) sleep, Sasha
crashed for an early nap - all on her own.

Leaves!Later that day, Daddy & Uncle Brandon took her on a 2 mile walk to a local park so
Mommy could nap!

Day 10


Sasha holding SpencerSasha loves to "hold" Baby Spencer.

Day 11


Spencer sleeping on MommyAnother napping snapshot.
I love for Spencer to sleep on my chest!

Spencer's Belly ButtonSpencer's umbilical stump finally fell off!

Day 12


Sasha & Spencer in Family BedSasha & Spencer hanging out in our Family Bed.

Day 13


Spencer DrakeWhy yes! I do have the most adorable son!

Day 14


SwaddlebeeI finally took the plunge into
Cloth Diapering with this Swaddlebees!
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