Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Surf: From my Baby Moon

I debated doing this week's post at all, but lets see if I can throw something together for you...

Authentic Parenting Carnival

I enjoy carnivals and I dig this site. So... I'd like to try to participate in this carnival this year. I think it is new this year anyway. If you like carnivals, too... check it out!

An overview of the development of infants with Down syndrome

Someone recently asked about development on a group page. I dug up this page and want to keep it for future reference as well. It helps you figure out what to expect from children with Down syndrome in comparison to average children. You'll notice, though, the DS version just offers a broader window. Children with Down syndrome may follow the same developmental schedule as other children.

Do You Have Your Access Pass Yet?

The Access Pass is a free lifetime pass to over 2000 federally owned parks in the USA. For parks that charge admission per vehicle, everyone who is in the vehicle with the Access Pass holder is admitted for free (for individual tours and campsites, there may be discounts, but fees still have to be paid). How cool that National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands offer this special pass to special needs families!

That's enough for this week! Spencer is calling... I really do need to write my birth story soon!

Sunday Surf with Authentic Parenting and Hobo MamaI'm joining Authentic Parenting and Hobo Mama for Sunday Surf. Share your best reading of the week, and link up your post at either blog!

For more great reading, visit Hobo Mama or Authentic Parenting for the latest Sunday Surf and linky.

Happy Surfing!

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