Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: NICU

Family Bed in the HospitalBed sharing in the hospital, trying to maintain
some level of normalcy for Sasha.

Spencer in NICU - 12 hoursGoing 12 hours without seeing our baby...
then finding him with tubes and leads.

Family in NICUOnly finding very rare opportunities
to visit the NICU as a family.

Breastfeeding in NICUBreastfeeding on someone else's schedule, not to mention times when NICU is closed so our baby isn't available at all.

Spencer under Bili Light in NICUTreatments...

Spencer's Hearing Test in NICUtests...

Heel sticks from NICU stayand booboos.

Sasha sleeping UNDER the bedRunning on sleep deprivation and trying to be an
attachment parent to 2 children that aren't
permitted in the same room together.

Sasha & Spencer, together at last!Sasha & Spencer, together at last!
This somehow makes all the rest melt away.

Mamatography 2012
Tune in next week when my participation in the Mamatography project will officially start.

I'm taking photos now, but they'll start posting next week.
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