Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mamatography - Week 3

Mamatography now also has a Facebook page! I hope you're enjoying the project. Feel free to jump in at any time. I've made it through week 3, so I should be good to go, right? Lets hope I have gotten this habit well in hand.

Day 15


Sasha in SwingBeautiful January Day
Good swingin' weather!

Image short descriptionFinally got some old photos and clippings scanned. This project will have to wait while I work on other things, though.

Sleeping SpencerSpencer slept most of the day.

Day 16


Family WalkOur first walk since Spencer's birth.

Day 17


Sasha NappingSasha had a very late nap.
This definitely effects our bedtime timing.

Day 18


Sling under CoatWe took a family walk at night! Spencer fit into the wrap right under my coat.

Day 19


Jenni & SpencerOur doula came to visit us Spencer!

Day 20


Family BedFamily Bed Snapshot

Tyler's Fresh HennaRonni finally got his promised henna,
the night before returning home.

Day 21


Joni Rae & SpencerMy friend Joni Rae finally got to come for a visit!
And she brought me quiche!

Our girlsShe brought my daughter home to us!
Ronni spent 3 weeks with his new best friend.
Sasha missed him so much!

Grandpa & SpencerMy dad & his wife even dropped by
to bring gifts and meet Spencer!
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