Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nursing through Pregnancy - final weeks (39th week)

I really got spoiled by having a few nights that took only half an hour or less to get Sasha into bed. Some nights were as short as 15 minutes! So I started the first night of this week (Giftmas Eve) by once again waiting for her to ask first... but still nursing for nearly a full hour before I was able to get her into bed!

If you're curious about the safety of nursing through pregnancy (and tandem nursing an older child along with your baby), check out the Nursing Two FAQs on These FAQs cover health issues, nutrition, the milk itself, discomforts and concerns of pregnant nursing mothers, tandem nursing and more!

So back to that first night of the week... Sasha slept nearly 5 hours before Daddy woke on Giftmas morning. (That makes it nearly 5 a.m. for those of you keeping track.) She was holding herself and moving around a lot. Once she opened her eyes, Daddy went ahead to take her to the potty.

Then she got into bed with me and nursed to sleep, but woke right up... twice before I got up to nurse her in my lap... As she nursed and nursed, I felt more and more awake. My agitation just got worse and worse. And on the flippin' holiday. Isn't visiting family stressful enough without adding lack of sleep to the mix?!

After enough fidgeting and asking her twice whether she wanted to get up, she finally nods and gets out of my lap. I am ticked off and relieved all at the same time. I wanted her to go back to sleep, but I also wanted her to stop nursing, especially if she wasn't going to go back to sleep anyway! I've mentioned how much I hate wasted nursing at this point. Nursing with no sleep feels pointless and just irritates me to no end!

It was nearly 6 o'clock by the time she got out of my lap. She faked a yawn and laid down on her bed. I am sick to my stomach already, but haven't had any meltdowns just yet. Before long, she'd convinced Daddy to turn off his game and put some awful kid show on the television. Then no one was happy but Sasha. It looked like he was going to join me in my frustration, in an effort to save me from my own. Then he cuddled up with her on her bed.

Honestly, just having him up with me, helps boost my sanity. It just isn't often that he can be up with me. Actually, on a work night... he'd already be at work! We got up and around and I cooked breakfast. Sasha was finally ready to nurse back down to sleep at 8 o'clock. We slept for nearly 3 hours before getting up for the day. So much for early morning stocking opening. I'm so glad we only had one holiday visit on the schedule!

Note: I started this post on Giftmas Day, the first day of my 39th week. However, I went into labor very late that evening, before Sasha was even ready for bed! Interestingly, I did manage to nurse her down to sleep while in labor at the hospital! More on THAT later!

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