Friday, January 6, 2012

Top 10 Reasons to Leave Your Son Intact

Please welcome Mandy of Living Peacefully with Children. Read to the bottom for her bio. Today I share with you Mandy's Top 10 list of reasons to leave our sons intact. This post was originally published on her own blog.

  1. 80% of the world's male population is intact.

    newborn baby by bethPhoto by Beth
  2. It is easier to clean an intact infant's penis than to deal with open wounds in a diaper which is routinely filled with urine and feces.

  3. Foreskins are functional, protecting the glans while containing sensitive nerve endings and blood vessels.

  4. It is a parent's duty to protect his/her child. Circumcision is painful.

  5. Pain and shock from circumcision disrupt bonding, breastfeeding, and sleep patterns in newborn infants.

  6. Complications include infection, abnormal bleeding, removal of excessive amounts of skin, loss of part or all of the glans, urinary issues, and death.

  7. It is illegal in the United States to circumcise a female against her will or who has not reached an age of majority. Circumcising infant males is discriminatory.

  8. There is NO medical benefit to routine circumcision. Removal of the foreskin does not prevent STDS. It does not lessen the chance of developing penile cancer.

  9. Once done, it cannot be undone.

  10. If it isn't your body, it's not your decision to make.

Circumcision is a deeply personal decision. Let's leave the decision to the person who owns the penis. Say NO! to routine infant circumcision.

Mandy is married to her best friend and is a stay-at-home-mom to their four wonderful children. She holds multiple degrees in the sciences and music and is a self-proclaimed research fanatic. Her love of learning plays a large role in her unschooling journey with her family and her volunteer involvement with various homeschooling and parenting groups. You can find her at Living Peacefully with Children, where this post was originally published.


  1. AMEN! I love your no-nonsense attitude and how straightforward it is without being accusatory. It's just so obvious how harmful this practice is and yet parents make excuses for it all the time. I'm so grateful that my hubby is intact as well because I would never have let him have our son circ'ed. My son came into this world perfect and does not need any cosmetic alterations to suit anyone's ego. That is that.

  2. YES! ABSOLUTELY! I wouldn't dream of cutting off part of my son without some damn good reasons, and there just aren't ANY. Instead, there are a whole host of reasons NOT, too.

  3. Interesting read. Just out of interest where did you get your stats from as I find it hard to believe 80% of the population (male) remain intact. In the US they frequently/routinely circumcise newborn boys and not to mention the 20% of Muslims in the world, oh and the Jewish too.

  4. But I must just say thank you for this post as it has led me to look into this more. It is scary how the professionals (doctors) don't give an opinion on it at the birth of the child if it is not beneficial to circumcise. Lots of reading to do now :-)

  5. The 20% of the world's Muslims also include women. Also, most Muslims circumcise their boys when they're older, and not in infancy. The procedure is drastically different. Jews make up less than 1% of the world's population. The newborn circumcision rates in the U.S. decline yearly, and no other nation routinely circumcises its infants.

  6. Awesome post! I shared it on FB, thank you for writing this, it is a very important topic! I especially agree that female genital mutilation is illegal and unethical, and that male circumcision is discriminatory. I have 3 sons; all intact, despite looking 'different' from their dad... I credit my hippie parents who left my brother intact and endorsed natural living. It would have taken some nasty force to get through me to take my little boys' foreskins, let me tell you!! And it is true that Asia, Russia, South America, etc, do not routinely circumcise their boys; America is in the minority.

  7. Circumcision gives me goose bumps. Coming from Europe, I was surprise how common it still is in North America. Only such a minority of people do it over there! Thanks for this post, I'm reposting as well!


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