Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mamatography - Week 51

Day 351


10 minutes til 5, Sasha slipped and fell into the corner of a wall.
She cried, hard, for about 10 minutes - in which time we discovered a HUGE lump on her head, gathered up the babies, and darted out for the ER.

While she was still sad on the road, within 15 minutes of the initial bump,
she was chipper and excited about getting to see a doctor.

Day 352


At our Sowing Wellness chiropractic appointment,
where we also fill up on Kangen Water.

Day 353


We didn't find out until we were signing the lease, but we're not allowed to have pet spiders in the new place. Then with an extermination notice, there was quite a rush to find new homes. A breeder that gave us most of them came and bought the lot of them.

Then I got a note from our pediatrician's office exempting us from the chemicals!

Day 354


The bruising, which isn't too bad actually, started moving into her eye.

Day 355


We celebrated Christmas with Elmo's other daughter
(and family) at Chuck E. Cheese. Spencer's gift was a hit!

Day 356


This is a common site around here;
me cooking with Spencer passing out on my back.

Day 357


I intended to start cooking more once we moved. And I have! Cooking:
Pigs in blankets, extra sausages in a pan, mac 'n cheese, and stir fried teriyaki veggies


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