Friday, January 25, 2013

What a load of garbage!

After doing lots of research and waiting for our move and then getting settled... I was excited to have finally purchased a trash can to use as a compost bin! Then a friend brought over a ½" drill bit so I could prep the can. There are holes all down the sides and 4 holes in the bottom.

I'd been saving fruit and vegetable scraps (and egg shells!) for a couple of weeks, so I was seriously ready to get this thing started! Then I had to wait until I could get my hands on some leaves or other yard waste! Thankfully, a friend brought me a bag of leaves on Saturday (possibly the best housewarming gift ever!).

I crunched up a layer of leaves in the bottom.

I tossed in a layer of frozen fruit & vegetable waste.
Then there was another layer of leaves, how many pics do you want??

I added some freshly chopped, over-ripe cutie oranges and then some more waste.

It was at this point that I latched the lid onto the bin (secured with bungee cords) and set it aside to water in a bit. Then I realized I'd forgotten something...

Crushed egg shells!

I covered those with one more layer of crushed leaves.
Here is how full my "final" first bin is:

I do plan to add more scraps as I collect them.

In a couple of weeks I'll start rolling the bin around to mix up the contents. Its been cool out. The can is black and sitting in the sun. I don't know if any of that is going to matter, but I'm enjoying getting it started.

Tell me about your compost bin!
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