Friday, January 11, 2013

Snack Shelf

I love the idea of having a snack cabinet / drawer / shelf for kids that they can access themselves. So once we got into our new kitchen, I put all the kid-friendly snack food stuff that we keep on hand on the bottom shelf of the pantry. Sasha can open doors now, so when she is hungry I can send her in there to see what looks good.

I've had an issue, though. Sasha loves to eat frozen peas. Every time I serve peas at dinner lately, she insists on having some frozen on the side. And I don't keep the fresh fruit in the pantry. Then there are the grapes in the fridge... So I had an idea.

I did some Googling for coloring pages and found Twisty Noodle. They had every image I needed! I didn't let Sasha see me preparing them and then I got to hang them up while she was gone today.

I had to draw different colored bell peppers because we
keep a variety of chopped peppers in the freezer.

I didn't mention it when she came home, I just waited for her to go looking for snacks. Once she saw the "signs," she insisted on having a banana! And then she had to have some grapes! She loves it and it works! And I got to be a little creative, had an excuse to slow down and just color. Coloring is good for the soul, I swear.

I still need to find a cucumber coloring page. How do you organize kid snacks in your household?
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