Friday, January 4, 2013

Mamatography - Week 52 PLUS

I'm posting this final 2012 edition of Mamatography early so I can get caught up and start on Mamatography 2013!

Day 358


I managed to get some Arnica on this when it was fresh.
The "egg" itself never bruised, but the bruising moved down to the eye.

Day 359


I realize I'm a nutcase. This is all the scrap bits and thread from all my Giftmas projects. I refused to throw any of it away until it was all done!

Day 360 - Giftmas (so there will be a few)


Our tree this year... in the dark this time.

All three kids and I went to the Retirement Apartments up the road (like 5 doors down!). We delivered Christmas cards that Tyler whipped up the night before, Hot / Cold pack corn bags that I made the day before, and Snicker-doodles that the girls had just made the day before, too!

Spencer loved Grandma's oxygen tubing so much that she sent us home with some!

Day 361


Spaghetti for Birthday Dinner
We really didn't do anything special ON Spencer's birthday

Day 362


This is how I get ready to put Spencer down after he goes to sleep in a back carry.

Day 363


Daddy keeps hoping to get snowed in, but this was
all of the promised Christmas Snow we ever got this year.

Day 364


I am certain there is a direct correlation between lack of protein and Sasha's meltdowns. This is when I instituted the "Sasha has peanut butter first thing every morning" plan.

Nothing melts the heart faster than Daddy playing with the kids.

Day 365 - extra day - Birthday Party Day!


Spencer has not liked Grandpa since he first entered the "stranger danger" stage.
He has warmed up a little each time Dad has come to our home.
This day... he was crazy about him!

obligatory present pic
this package was the most fun!

Spencer enjoyed his carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese icing!

Day 366 - extra day


The kids had fun helping me try out my new Camp Washer

Saw the year off with my best game of Monopoly ever.
I don't think I had ever won the game before that night!


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  1. Whoa, that is some fancy Monopoly! I'm used to the old-fashioned rectangle boards.

    Happy birthday to Spencer! He's so adorable.

    I like the peanut butter idea.

    We've gotten zero snow so far, and Mikko thinks the time for snow has now passed since it's no longer Christmas. I can't convince him that we might still get some, since winter will be here a long while yet.

    I've saved my thread bits while making a project for Mikko. I plan to take a picture and show you when I'm done. :) I'm impressed with how much you must have made to have that many bits!

    1. lol - well this included some FC I made for the girls' bathroom, but that was like 12 of them I think. Then corn bags for about 13 people... plus 22 of them for the retirement peeps (& 1 for US)... plus 4 taggie toys. :)

      The peanut butter thing seems to be working, btw!

      And the Monopoly was a gift for Elmo a while back. If you look to the left, see the contraption in his hands? This thing has bank cards and does all the money for you! Plus auctions and Chance are done with the thing, too! It is awesome! Totally worth the extra money, especially if you have a Monopoly fanatic in your house like we do. lol


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