Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Clutter Minimized

Welcome to the March edition of the Simply Living Blog Carnival - Clearing the Clutter cohosted by Mandy at Living Peacefully with Children, Laura at Authentic Parenting, Jennifer at True Confessions of a Real Mommy, and Joella at Fine and Fair. This month our participants wrote about de-cluttering and cleaning up. Please check out the links to their thoughts at the end of this post.


I've always been a sentimental sort. I held on to items for the emotional attachment. I'm still disappointed that my year books are missing. Once when I was a kid, I kept all my bandages from a particularly bad scrape. I guess I wanted to see how many it would take by the time I healed? I think this goes to show that I'd be a prime candidate for hoarding.

I lived in the the same house with my ex-husband for... 11 years? The longer you're in one place, the easier it is to accumulate more and more clutter. But when I left, I took almost nothing. I had to start from scratch. It can be easy to go crazy with that (shopping for a new home), though, too. And then I discovered minimalism. I want to live on the road and I surely can't take everything with me! And keep stuff in storage... to what end? So I knew I needed to downsize.

Where is the "Living" space?
Photo Credit: nilexuk

After our first major downsizing of stuff and cutting back on "extra" bills, we realized we could fit into a smaller apartment. With those smaller bills, including rent, we figured out that we could afford for me to switch from full time to part time work. Each step along the way has meant more time together, whether it meant more money or less.

After minimizing down to a 200 square foot travel trailer and now back up to a 1300 square foot home, I think there is a little backlash. I find I'm hoarding extra jars for possible projects... just because I can. I'm still making an effort not to collect things we don't need, though. More stuff requires more time; time that I'd prefer to spend with my family.

Have you ever cut back on your stuff, your bills or your commitments to have more time?


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  1. I try to remind myself that just as I donate items to other people who need them, so too will others donate when I need something and that somehow, the items I need will be found. It's a bit of a mantra for me as I look at that empty container that I *know* I could repurpose for something when I don't currently have a need.

  2. I hoard jars until my kids yell at me. I couldn't imagine downsizing my space, but I bet if I look at my belongings with intention on condensing rather than stripping it would help me stay on top of my clutter.

  3. That's what's worrying me about the idea of someday moving to a larger space — we'd just find excuses then to fill that space! I'd like to imagine we could spread out what we already have, and it would be better, but I know us too well. :P

    I find it really inspiring that downsizing clutter allowed you to save so much money. That's great incentive for minimizing!

  4. We have done all three over time, it is a slow process a long journey which you need to stick at cos it has no end!

  5. I feel your pain! (Probably my husband feels it more, lol. He keeps getting rid of empty plastic containers or jars that I've been saving!) Because we had twins and our family size doubled, our housing allowance jumped up. So we're in a much bigger house now, whereas before we were in a two bedroom apartment. I want the house to look nice and comfy but not cluttered and I'm having a hard time with the balance. Starting over from scratch can be a blessing, though!

  6. I love decluttering! It's kinda a Zen thing for me. I'm also a fan of simplifying. I buy only one kind and color of socks for me, and one kind and color of socks for my son so I don't have to spend 76786787 hours matching socks. It's a simple thing, but those things add up!

    We moved from a tiny house to bigger-but-still-smallish house 2 years ago. I decided to only unpack what we need and actually use, as well as the decorations and books we really love. It's been so freeing because I didn't unpack about a 1/3 of our stuff! I discovered that it's easier to keep everything clean and tidy because I'm not cramming so much stuff into a small space!

  7. (As you already know) I'm a bit of a hoarder, too. I am also finding that the more *stuff* I let go of, the more space I have in my life—not just literal, physical space, but mental energy and a feeling of peace in my home. I'm sure you'll find a new balance with your new space.


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